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As part of our mission supporting young people and advocating for Community Service, we also recognize that a job history provides teens with an equally important story about themselves.

Like a Community Service project which can demonstrate skills such as team building, leadership and initiative, a job history can add to that story by demonstrating commitment and capability.  

When considering Teen Jobs, make sure you understand your state’s labor requirements for children under 18 (minors).  Download the handy reference materials above titled ‘4 Things to know about Age Certificates for Teen Jobs’ which contains links to your state information.  Sometimes it’s as simple as checking with your school’s guidance counselor.  Sometimes a work certificate is required.

For younger teens ages 14-15 a job at a fast food restaurant might be possible.  If not, consider the ideas listed in the reference materials above titled ’50 Jobs that Teens 14-15 Can Do’.  There are ways to earn money even at those young ages.

No matter what you would like to do MAKE SURE YOU DEVELOP A RESUME.  We just wrote a blog article that contains a LOT of great ‘how-to’ information specifically designed for teens.  You can find that post on our blog page  Make sure to pass the article along to your friends and the parents of friends so that they can benefit from the information too.

When you use the job finder on this page, make sure to follow the instructions.  You’ll find everything from jobs for dog walkers and lifeguards to retail sales, and a lot more.

Good luck and let us know if we can help.  CONTACT US.

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