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Make tees. Plant Trees

5 Reasons to HUG some trees.

Here's a pretty fun idea for a Community Service project. Design notepads, rubber stamps, bumper stickers, and t-shirts with environmental messages to sell; use funds to purchase trees for planting on youth center grounds or in community parks and other public spaces.

We brainstormed information about trees to get some design concepts by finding out how trees help the environment.

1, Trees do everything from provide oxygen to make people happy. They generate jobs, and make people feel happy with they're planted in shopping areas and on hospital grounds. {1}

2. Trees reduce erosion, and reduce heating and air conditioning costs. They create animal ecosystems and are a food source for some of them. [2]

3. Trees reduce ocean acidification which happens with increases of CO2 in the air. They also reduce the 'heat island' affect of buildings in urban areas. [3]

4. Trees absorb sound for people who live in noisy environments. [4]

5. Trees really do clean the air. They absorb pollutants and gases that exist in the environment. They do this by absorbing these chemicals in their leaves and barks. Common gases that are taken up by trees include ozone, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide and ammonia. [5]

And, make sure to sign up for your project with HelpWorx to earn Community Service Hours from the American Youth Council, on this page

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