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Is bowling community service?

It is if you put 10 Special Needs kids together with 200 high school football players.

Our parent organization, the American Youth Council, used to produce really cool large-scale football All-Star events for high school athletes. We had boys and girls participating in lacrosse, basketball and football events. Over 12 years, about 5,000 players.

AYC created the events to recognize the incredible passion and dedication of high school athletes, both to their sports and to their studies. And to get them an opportunity to be seen by college scouts. It was really fun.

One really fun part of the events was the Buddy Bowling night for the football players and local Special Needs children. It was really humbling to see the football players interact and help the children have a good time. We contacted the Special Populations [1] teachers at our local schools and the Special Olympics [2] to coordinate the events.

You don't have to produce large sports events to serve people, just consider something simple like a fun run, or walk to benefit those in need. The Special Olympics [2] is also a great place to serve. There are lots of really passionate kids involved.

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