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DO GOOD CHRONICLES - teen solves big community problem...with a drone and scissors!

YARMOUTH MAINE (WGME) -- STEM students in Maine are stepping up to solve real-world problems in their communities. It's all part of the "Samsung Solve for Tomorrow Contest." One of those projects is from Mathieu Charette. The 7th grader at Harrison Middle School in Yarmouth has come up with a high-flying idea that could put a dent in Yarmouth's brown tail moth problem. "So, our proposal is a drone with clippers, and it will essentially clip brown tail moth nests out of trees in Yarmouth,” Charette said. "I love it when kids are interested in something that's local, and are becoming part of the solution, and really the problem solvers, because the creative minds we have in young adolescence are so powerful these days," Harrison Middle School seventh grade math/science teacher Morgan Cuthbert said. "It's definitely an out of the box solution to a problem that has not seen very many clear-cut paths to success," Yarmouth Tree Warden Andrew Gabrielson said. The next step in the project will be to come up with and test clipping devices that would be fitted on a drone. In all, five classrooms in Maine are being recognized nationally for inspiring change in their local communities.

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