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58%-61% of Colleges agree

The survey was done by education research company IESD, and the results from 264 admissions personnel at leading U.S. colleges and universities shows 58% of college admissions personnel (61% at private institutions) said they agreed that, “A student’s community service experience has a positive impact on his or her acceptance to our higher education institution.” This is great news for high school students who want to level the playing field in college admissions by demonstrating their personal values and community impact. According to x2VOL, the tracking and reporting platform for service hours used by schools nationwide, it really matters. “We’ve known for some time that colleges strongly consider community service in admissions decisions,” Michele Pitman, the Founder & CEO, intelliVOL, maker of x2VOL, said. “We’ve just never really known how much of an influence it is – and so this is great news for students who now have the ability to demonstrate who they are outside of the classroom.” You can find out more about the survey by reading the complete Forbes article here: Oh, and when you get ready to start designing your project, come back here and get started

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